5 Internet Hacks I Actually Use

Over the years I have spend my fair share of time browsing Pinterest for hacks to make life just a little bit easier in terms of my appearance. There are hundreds of hacks out there but most of them are just too much of a nuisance to add them to my already lengthy morning routine. However, I have found a few that have actually helped me and I have now made them into a habit.


  1. Never towel dry hair


If you want your air dried hair to be smooth and frizz free, skip attacking it with your towel. When I get out of the shower I squeeze out all the excess water with my hands before combing it through with a wide- tooth comb. I continue to squeeze out as much water as possible. Then I either blow dry my hair or just let it air dry. By not drying my hair with the towel I have eliminated the insane amount of frizz my hair produces. I totally recommend this to anyone who wants to limit the heat tools they use in their hair.


  1. Put Vaseline on lips before bed (and put hand cream on hands before bed)


Both my hands and lips have gotten 1000% smoother than they were before starting this habit. Every night right before going to sleep I lather Vaseline on my lips and a hand cream on my hands. My hands and lips are so soft in the morning and I find that I don’t have to put on lip balm and hand cream throughout the day. Putting the cream on before bed ensures that the cream will have time to sink in without being disrupted by water or other activities. I recommend this to everyone!


  1. Put Vaseline on eyelashes before bed


This one is similar to the last one but putting Vaseline on eyelashes before bed helps strengthen lashes and make them grow longer. People have always told me that I have nice eyelashes because they are long. This is my secret.  I love doing this, it makes my lashes much soften and makes mascara application smoother.


  1. Dry Shampoo at night NOT in the morning


This hack has saved me countless hours of sleep in the morning. Honestly this hack is so simple I can’t believe I didn’t think of it myself. Spray dry shampoo on your hair like you normally would before hitting the sack for the night. Overnight the dry shampoo will soak up all the excess grease and oil and leave your hair volumous and clean looking.


  1. Spritz perfume behind knees and elbows


Many people think spritzing their chest with perfume before running out the door will keep the scent on them all day. While in reality it probably won’t even last the morning. I have recently begun applying my perfume behind my knees and elbows and have found that not only I notice the scent lasts longer but other people compliment me on the smell. Spray once behind each knee and elbow and wait for the compliments to roll in.


If and when you try these hacks let me know below in the comments how you liked them! Also if you have any other hacks that you actually use tell me that too!!


Oxox Cassie


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