Fitbit Alta Review- 4 Stars

Hey guys!

So as you probably know by now I try to stay as healthy as possible. However I love trying out the newest technology to help me keep up with my daily health and fitness.

In the past I owned other Fitbit products and was always happy with their features, style and service. So when my Fitbit Charge HR (first generation) broke *insert sad face* I didn’t even wait a month before purchasing a new Fitbit.

I did lengthy research on all of Fitbit’s latest gadgets and ultimately decided that the Fitbit Alta was the best choice for me! Below are my summarized thoughts on the Fitbit Alta.

Things I love!

The small/thin band- On my previous Fitbit Charge HR I found the band was very thick for my wrist. I have fairly small wrists and it was just too bulky for my taste. The Alta has a very slim band that easy fits on my wrist and does not inconvenience me  in the ways that the Charge HR did.

The interchangeable band- I absolutely love this feature. I know it is not a new feature as it is found in both Fitbit Flex’s and other products but this is one of the features that persuaded me to purchase this Fitbit. Unfortunately I have not yet been able to get another band due to insanely busy stores because of post Christmas sales and apparently the size small bands are difficult to find. The original band that my Fitbit came with is bright blue and I cannot wait to purchase black and/or one of their leather bands for when I want to switch it up!

Reminders to move- I’m actually not sure if my old Fitbit had this feature and I just turned it off or if this is new to the Alta but I adore this feature! I am guilty of afternoon lounging or just plain being lazy and this gets me up off the couch and moving. Every hour if I have not reached my 25o steps per hour goal my Fitbit will vibrate giving me a reminder to take however many steps I need to get to my goal! I understand how at times this could be an inconvenience as not everyone can just stand up and walk around if they are at work or a different function. Luckily for those of you who do not want to be bothered every hour, you can turn it off in settings.

The Fitbit App I know this is not related to the actual Fitbit device itself but the Fitbit App is one of the most user friendly apps I’ve used in a long time. I love how it tells me how many hours  of sleep I get and competing against my family and friends always motivates me to take the stairs instead of elevator!

Silent Alarms- Have you ever wished to get up early using an alarm clock without everyone else in your house hearing the annoying beep beep beep beep beep etc.? Well then this is the feature for you! The Fitbit Alta and I think all the Fitbits have the ability to silently let you know when it is time to wake up. You set the alarm using the Fitbit app and then when it is time for the alarm to go off, you Fitbit will silently vibrate against your wrist until you tap it for it to stop. Overall this is a great feature that I use everyday!

Things I don’t Love

-Discolouring of band- This is probably due the light blue colour of my band but only a week into owning the Fitbit the band has begun to show signs of dirt. I have been researching how to clean it and will update this post if I find one.***

***Hey so about a week after writing this post I was fed up with the discolouration and email Fitbit support. They were super helpful and sent me a brand new black bad for free. If you have experienced this defiantly email them and see what your options are! Their customer service is amazing!

Band clasp– I’m still on edge about this. Unlike my Fitbit Charge HR the Fitbit Alta has a fastening that is sort of like a belt. One end of the band has approximately 10 little holes and the other side has a fastening that has two little prongs that  insert into the little holes. That is an awful explanation but hopefully you got the jist. This clasp is very secure once closed but it is extremely difficult to close. Some of my friends have this Fitbit as well and cannot do the band up by themselves. My Fitbit Charge HR came with a fastening that is modeled after your typical sport watch. Overall I enjoy that once on this Fitbit is secure and I know it will not fall off, I am just grateful that I have figured out how to get it on by myself!!

Not Waterproof- So far only one type of Fitbit is waterproof, and it’s not the Alta. When deciding which Fitbit to purchase the Fitbit Flex 2 was my second choice because of the waterproof feature. As a swimmer I am in the water often and it is a shame to not get the steps for the exercise that I am clearly doing in the water. I did not purchase the Fitbit Flex 2 because it is lacking a screen which was a big red flag for me. There is a company called Waterfi that waterproofs popular electronic devices and I almost purchased the Alta from then but ultimately didn’t because of warranty troubles. I will defiantly be lining up to purchase Fitbit’s first waterproof fitness tracker that has a screen!

Things I don’t Love but also don’t hate

No altimeter– An altimeter is a device that tracks the number of flights of stairs that one has traveled. When I opened my new Fitbit I was very surprised to find out that there was no altimeter. I was not upset nor do I feel that I miss the one that came with my Fitbit Charge HR. However I understand how some people -those of you who climb up lots of stairs or say a mountain? would be discouraged by the lack of an altimeter. The Alta still counts stairs as steps towards my daily step goal and that is what really matters for me.

SmartTrack- This is a controversial feature. I have talked to many people that love this feature and others who share my opinion. My Fitbit Charge HR had a little button on the side of it. When I was going for a run or about to begin a workout I could hold down the button until it started to vibrate. For there on after until I held down the button again when my workout was over, my Fitbit would display the amount of time I’ve spent doing the workout. I really enjoyed being about to tell how long I’ve been running for and how far I’ve gone. I have only used the SmartTrack feature a few times on the Alta but it is difficult to calculate the distance I have run. Also SmartTrack only picks up certain exercises. Lately I have been into workout videos and SmartTrack rarely picks up on the fact that I am working out. **I am currently researching ways to manually track exercise. If any of you know please let me know!!!


Overall I would totally recommend this fitness tracker. For hard core fitness gurus I would recommend the fitbit Charge 2 or one of their other fitness trackers, but for everyday use this track is perfect! I would suggest getting a darker colour; my mom got black and hers has not experienced any discolouration. It seamlessly connects to my iPhone and the tracker is so slim that sometimes I forget that I am wearing it!

If any of you have any experience with the Fitbit Alta or any Fitbit, let me know in the comments below!

xoxo Cassie


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