Tone It Up Girls

Tone it Up! Karena and Katrina; Two young women changing the fitness world one workout at a time

Hey fitness lovers!

Hopefully you’ve had an amazing Christmas and an excellent New Years! I hope that like me, you’ve taken advantage of the time off to relax, rejuvenate and WORKOUT!

As someone fairly new to the world of working out I’ve taken the few weeks off to immerse myself in the wonderful world of working out and getting fit! After failing to force myself to like running I have officially given up.  However, over the past two weeks I’ve have tried numerous workout videos and plans created by the most famous fitness trainers in the world.

My favourite trainers are two young women form California. Karena and Katrina met in a Californian gym many years ago. It was a fast friendship when the two bonded over their passion for health and fitness. It wasn’t long after meeting that the two women opened their very own fitness studio where their encouraged other women through beach boot-camps. They have since out-grown their 400 square foot studio and into a beach side office. They now spend their days filming workout videos, communicating with the Tone It Up community and motivating  millions of women to achieve their own fitness goals.

Read more about their story on their website at

So it started about a week ago. I was going through the motions of getting on my workout gear and dreading stepping foot outside into the cold winter when it occurred to me that there is an endless amount of workout plans and videos on the internet. I powered up my laptop and got to work. There are videos done by strong, muscular ,semi-scary men and women that are promoting weight loss and muscle gain that have way too many complicated moves. Or videos done by stick figure models that wouldn’t even make my grandmother break a sweat!  After searching through countless videos and websites, I was about to give up. That’s when I came across a video with two beach babes standing with hand weights standing next to the ocean. Maybe it’s because I was missing my usual Christmas vacations to somewhere hot, or because the snow was coming down hard outside, but for whatever reason, I loaded the video onto my T.V and got to work.

Day 1:

The first video I loaded was part of their Bikini Series and it was only 19 minutes long! Opening up the video I had the mind-set that this was going to be an easy workout but that I would burn a few calories and that’s all that matters right? I was quickly proven wrong! Do not be fooled by how easy Katrina and Karena preform these moves! Less than 5 minutes in I was huffing and puffing like I do while running! None the less this workout was amazing! The way both Karena and Katrina motivate their viewers made me feel as if they were there in my basement working out with me! Karena and Katrina made HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) my new go to workout because of how awesome I feel after. The fastest way to burn calories and fat is to alternate between cardio and strength moves (which K&K call Toning moves) AND work more than one muscle at a time when toning. All that together makes for one sweaty, metabolism boosting workout!

This video is called BEST HIIT WORKOUT! HIITy Bitty Bikini and can be found on Youtube at

Day 2:

The after effects of yesterday’s video made me realize what a difference HIIT can really make. My legs ached, my arms were sore and my toush hurt every time I sat down. But for no other realize than how motivated I was by K&K yesterday, I loaded up another video.

Today’s video was another Beach Bod video and once again the girls were working out on the beach! I could not be more jealous! This workout was just as intense as yesterday’s but somehow felt easier. The more I worked out with K&K the more I felt like they were there with me and only me. After doing the first video in 10 minutes!!! I decided to do another one. I guess my Youtube was on auto-play because automatically a new video loaded after the first one. This second one was another HIIT and was again less than 20 minutes. I thought what’s the harm? This video was a Hump Day HIIT and instead of working out on the beach like they normally do K&K were in the living room showing us how to incorporate everyday furniture into a high intensity workout! Once again I came out of the video sweating but feeling amazing!

Here are the two videos I did today:

Beach Bod Workout is at

Hump Day HIIT is at

After working out those two days with K&K it became part of my daily routine for the two weeks of Christmas. It felt amazing to wake up every morning and start my morning with something good for my body.

I was doing some research on more K&K videos when I came across their website. Turns out the Tone It Up community is way bigger than I ever imagined. There are millions of women all over the world who do not only see K&K as trianers but as their friends. They wait for their annual fitness challenges to come around and follow their nutrition plan religiously. I have to give all these women credit. Look at photos on the website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, women all over the world are sharing their fitness success stories and crediting all of it to K&K.

While I may not do a workout every single day, and I most defiantly will not be waking up at 5 am to do a workout in the morning before my day starts, I am excited and honoured to be part of the #tiuteam. K&K have shown me that getting fit and staying healthy isn’t easy but the results will be worth it. With the help of K&K I hope to make 2017 my fittest year yet!

So hopefully you’ll go check out their website and/or videos and will love these sweet girls as much as I do.

oxox Cassie


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