5 Internet Hacks I Actually Use

Over the years I have spend my fair share of time browsing Pinterest for hacks to make life just a little bit easier in terms of my appearance. There are hundreds of hacks out there but most of them are just too much of a nuisance to add them to my already lengthy morning routine. However, I have found a few that have actually helped me and I have now made them into a habit.


  1. Never towel dry hair


If you want your air dried hair to be smooth and frizz free, skip attacking it with your towel. When I get out of the shower I squeeze out all the excess water with my hands before combing it through with a wide- tooth comb. I continue to squeeze out as much water as possible. Then I either blow dry my hair or just let it air dry. By not drying my hair with the towel I have eliminated the insane amount of frizz my hair produces. I totally recommend this to anyone who wants to limit the heat tools they use in their hair.


  1. Put Vaseline on lips before bed (and put hand cream on hands before bed)


Both my hands and lips have gotten 1000% smoother than they were before starting this habit. Every night right before going to sleep I lather Vaseline on my lips and a hand cream on my hands. My hands and lips are so soft in the morning and I find that I don’t have to put on lip balm and hand cream throughout the day. Putting the cream on before bed ensures that the cream will have time to sink in without being disrupted by water or other activities. I recommend this to everyone!


  1. Put Vaseline on eyelashes before bed


This one is similar to the last one but putting Vaseline on eyelashes before bed helps strengthen lashes and make them grow longer. People have always told me that I have nice eyelashes because they are long. This is my secret.  I love doing this, it makes my lashes much soften and makes mascara application smoother.


  1. Dry Shampoo at night NOT in the morning


This hack has saved me countless hours of sleep in the morning. Honestly this hack is so simple I can’t believe I didn’t think of it myself. Spray dry shampoo on your hair like you normally would before hitting the sack for the night. Overnight the dry shampoo will soak up all the excess grease and oil and leave your hair volumous and clean looking.


  1. Spritz perfume behind knees and elbows


Many people think spritzing their chest with perfume before running out the door will keep the scent on them all day. While in reality it probably won’t even last the morning. I have recently begun applying my perfume behind my knees and elbows and have found that not only I notice the scent lasts longer but other people compliment me on the smell. Spray once behind each knee and elbow and wait for the compliments to roll in.


If and when you try these hacks let me know below in the comments how you liked them! Also if you have any other hacks that you actually use tell me that too!!


Oxox Cassie


My Favourite TreadClimber Workout 2017

One of my favourite ways to workout is the Bowflex TreadClimber. I recently purchased one about a year ago and have been in love with it since. For me running indoors or outdoors just isn’t stimulating enough for me. I also have an ankle injury that makes running painful.

Image result for treadclimber

The TreadClimber is different from the treadmill as it incorporates motions from the treadmill, stepper, and elliptical. This adds up to one calories blasting machine!

For a really long time I would just get on the TreadClimber and walk while watching the latest episode of my favourite show. But then over time that became boring as all I was doing was walking while staring at a TV for 45 minutes.

Interval training is all the hype in the fitness word right now and I incorporate it into all my other works so I wondered why I had never thought to use it on the TreadClimber.

3 minutes easy

1 minute hard

1 minute easy

2 minutes hard

1 minute easy

3 minutes hard

1 minute easy

4 minutes hard

1 minute easy

5 minutes hard

1 minute easy

(do the rest if you have time or want a more challenging workout)

5 minutes hard

 1 minute easy

 4 minutes hard

 1 minute easy

 3 minutes hard

 1 minute easy

 2 minutes hard

 1 minute easy

 1 minute hard

 3 minute easy cool down (do this even if you didn’t do the optional part)

The workout starts out with an easy 3 minutes to work out.

After that you are going to turn the speed up to just below your maximum and walk as fast as you can for 1 full minute.

Then turn the speed down to medium and walk at a slower pace for 1 mintue.

Next you are going to turn the speed back up to just below your maximum and walk like that for 2 minutes.

Then turn the speed down to medium and walk at a slower pace for 1 mintue.

After that slow minute you will do 3 minutes at medium speed.

Repeat the slow minute.

Then do 4 hard minutes, turn the TreadClimber up to your absolute maximum. You should be dripping sweat by now.

Slow it down for another slow minute.

Then finish it with 5 hard minutes

Followed by 1 easy minute.

And a 3 minute cool down

You have the option to continue this workout and count down from five doing the same intervals. It will be slightly different for everyone but when I do one set it takes approximately 21 minutes and when I do the whole thing it takes approximately 42 minutes. I love doing this workout while rocking out to some of my fav tunes or watching the latest episode of my favourite show!

Hope fully you love this workout as much as I do. If you try it out, let me know how you like it down in the comments!


Xoxo Cassie

Mmm Good Cookie!

So a few years ago I was going to make chocolate chip cookies for my family when I decided to try a new recipe and mix things up a bit. While searching for a new recipe I found one on the back of the Hershey’s Chipits package. It didn’t take me long to begin baking and they are now my family and I’s favourite cookies!

The ingredients are as follows:

1 cup of soften butter

1 cup of brown sugar

1/2 cup of granulated sugar

2 eggs

1 1/2 cups of vanilla extract

2 cups of all purpose flour

1 tsb of baking soda

1/2 tsb of salt

1 package of semi- sweet chocolate chips

This is the best chocolate chip cookie recipe I have ever made. The cookies come out gooey and fluffy. Your family and friends will rave about these ooey-gooey cookies!

Step 1 is to take the butter and eggs out of the fridge about 20 minutes before you plan on making the dough as the butter must be softened and the eggs must be room temperate. As a side note: I have made the dough without letting the butter soften and the cookies turned out fine, the dough was just very difficult to mix.

Step 2 as usual is to preheat the oven to 375 degrees.

Step 3 once the butter is softer than it was when you took it out of the fridge, put the butter, sugar and brown sugar into an electric mixers and begin mixing on low.

Step 4 once the butter and sugars are completely creamed together put the eggs and vanilla extract into the mixer and wait till the dough is a light brown- yellow colour and there are small lumps.

Step 5 in a separate bowl mix the flour, baking soda and salt together before sifting or pouring slowly into the bowl with the butter and egg mixture.

Step 6 add the chocolate chips once the dough is completely mixed together and there is no liquid in the bowl.

Step 7 is optional. You have the option to put the bowl of dough in the the fridge for a few hours before baking it. When I originally began making these cookies I always put the dough in the fridge before baking and I thought it made a big difference. I few months later when I had to make these cookies in a time crunch I didn’t have time to put them in the fridge. The cookies ended up the exact same as they did usually do.

Step 8 is to scoop slightly larger than a tbsp of dough onto a cookie sheet. Make sure the cookie sheet is covered in parchment paper so that the cookies don’t stick to the pan. Bake the cookies for 8-10 minutes or until the edges are slightly brown.

Step 9 allow the cookies to cool on a cooling rack or countertop before transferring to a container or serving plate.

96440_en-CA_large.jpgI hope you all enjoy these cookies as much as my family and I do because they are truly amazing. However I do have to say that I take no credit for this recipe as I got it off the back of a Hershey’s chocolate chips package.

If you do try out the recipe please let me know below in the comment and tell me what you think!

Hope you enjoy!

oxox Cass



Fitbit Alta Review- 4 Stars

Hey guys!

So as you probably know by now I try to stay as healthy as possible. However I love trying out the newest technology to help me keep up with my daily health and fitness.

In the past I owned other Fitbit products and was always happy with their features, style and service. So when my Fitbit Charge HR (first generation) broke *insert sad face* I didn’t even wait a month before purchasing a new Fitbit.

I did lengthy research on all of Fitbit’s latest gadgets and ultimately decided that the Fitbit Alta was the best choice for me! Below are my summarized thoughts on the Fitbit Alta.

Things I love!

The small/thin band- On my previous Fitbit Charge HR I found the band was very thick for my wrist. I have fairly small wrists and it was just too bulky for my taste. The Alta has a very slim band that easy fits on my wrist and does not inconvenience me  in the ways that the Charge HR did.

The interchangeable band- I absolutely love this feature. I know it is not a new feature as it is found in both Fitbit Flex’s and other products but this is one of the features that persuaded me to purchase this Fitbit. Unfortunately I have not yet been able to get another band due to insanely busy stores because of post Christmas sales and apparently the size small bands are difficult to find. The original band that my Fitbit came with is bright blue and I cannot wait to purchase black and/or one of their leather bands for when I want to switch it up!

Reminders to move- I’m actually not sure if my old Fitbit had this feature and I just turned it off or if this is new to the Alta but I adore this feature! I am guilty of afternoon lounging or just plain being lazy and this gets me up off the couch and moving. Every hour if I have not reached my 25o steps per hour goal my Fitbit will vibrate giving me a reminder to take however many steps I need to get to my goal! I understand how at times this could be an inconvenience as not everyone can just stand up and walk around if they are at work or a different function. Luckily for those of you who do not want to be bothered every hour, you can turn it off in settings.

The Fitbit App I know this is not related to the actual Fitbit device itself but the Fitbit App is one of the most user friendly apps I’ve used in a long time. I love how it tells me how many hours  of sleep I get and competing against my family and friends always motivates me to take the stairs instead of elevator!

Silent Alarms- Have you ever wished to get up early using an alarm clock without everyone else in your house hearing the annoying beep beep beep beep beep etc.? Well then this is the feature for you! The Fitbit Alta and I think all the Fitbits have the ability to silently let you know when it is time to wake up. You set the alarm using the Fitbit app and then when it is time for the alarm to go off, you Fitbit will silently vibrate against your wrist until you tap it for it to stop. Overall this is a great feature that I use everyday!

Things I don’t Love

-Discolouring of band- This is probably due the light blue colour of my band but only a week into owning the Fitbit the band has begun to show signs of dirt. I have been researching how to clean it and will update this post if I find one.***

***Hey so about a week after writing this post I was fed up with the discolouration and email Fitbit support. They were super helpful and sent me a brand new black bad for free. If you have experienced this defiantly email them and see what your options are! Their customer service is amazing!

Band clasp– I’m still on edge about this. Unlike my Fitbit Charge HR the Fitbit Alta has a fastening that is sort of like a belt. One end of the band has approximately 10 little holes and the other side has a fastening that has two little prongs that  insert into the little holes. That is an awful explanation but hopefully you got the jist. This clasp is very secure once closed but it is extremely difficult to close. Some of my friends have this Fitbit as well and cannot do the band up by themselves. My Fitbit Charge HR came with a fastening that is modeled after your typical sport watch. Overall I enjoy that once on this Fitbit is secure and I know it will not fall off, I am just grateful that I have figured out how to get it on by myself!!

Not Waterproof- So far only one type of Fitbit is waterproof, and it’s not the Alta. When deciding which Fitbit to purchase the Fitbit Flex 2 was my second choice because of the waterproof feature. As a swimmer I am in the water often and it is a shame to not get the steps for the exercise that I am clearly doing in the water. I did not purchase the Fitbit Flex 2 because it is lacking a screen which was a big red flag for me. There is a company called Waterfi that waterproofs popular electronic devices and I almost purchased the Alta from then but ultimately didn’t because of warranty troubles. I will defiantly be lining up to purchase Fitbit’s first waterproof fitness tracker that has a screen!

Things I don’t Love but also don’t hate

No altimeter– An altimeter is a device that tracks the number of flights of stairs that one has traveled. When I opened my new Fitbit I was very surprised to find out that there was no altimeter. I was not upset nor do I feel that I miss the one that came with my Fitbit Charge HR. However I understand how some people -those of you who climb up lots of stairs or say a mountain? would be discouraged by the lack of an altimeter. The Alta still counts stairs as steps towards my daily step goal and that is what really matters for me.

SmartTrack- This is a controversial feature. I have talked to many people that love this feature and others who share my opinion. My Fitbit Charge HR had a little button on the side of it. When I was going for a run or about to begin a workout I could hold down the button until it started to vibrate. For there on after until I held down the button again when my workout was over, my Fitbit would display the amount of time I’ve spent doing the workout. I really enjoyed being about to tell how long I’ve been running for and how far I’ve gone. I have only used the SmartTrack feature a few times on the Alta but it is difficult to calculate the distance I have run. Also SmartTrack only picks up certain exercises. Lately I have been into workout videos and SmartTrack rarely picks up on the fact that I am working out. **I am currently researching ways to manually track exercise. If any of you know please let me know!!!


Overall I would totally recommend this fitness tracker. For hard core fitness gurus I would recommend the fitbit Charge 2 or one of their other fitness trackers, but for everyday use this track is perfect! I would suggest getting a darker colour; my mom got black and hers has not experienced any discolouration. It seamlessly connects to my iPhone and the tracker is so slim that sometimes I forget that I am wearing it!

If any of you have any experience with the Fitbit Alta or any Fitbit, let me know in the comments below!

xoxo Cassie

Tone It Up Girls

Tone it Up! Karena and Katrina; Two young women changing the fitness world one workout at a time

Hey fitness lovers!

Hopefully you’ve had an amazing Christmas and an excellent New Years! I hope that like me, you’ve taken advantage of the time off to relax, rejuvenate and WORKOUT!

As someone fairly new to the world of working out I’ve taken the few weeks off to immerse myself in the wonderful world of working out and getting fit! After failing to force myself to like running I have officially given up.  However, over the past two weeks I’ve have tried numerous workout videos and plans created by the most famous fitness trainers in the world.

My favourite trainers are two young women form California. Karena and Katrina met in a Californian gym many years ago. It was a fast friendship when the two bonded over their passion for health and fitness. It wasn’t long after meeting that the two women opened their very own fitness studio where their encouraged other women through beach boot-camps. They have since out-grown their 400 square foot studio and into a beach side office. They now spend their days filming workout videos, communicating with the Tone It Up community and motivating  millions of women to achieve their own fitness goals.

Read more about their story on their website at https://www.toneitup.com/about-karena-and-katrina-founders-of-tone-it-up/

So it started about a week ago. I was going through the motions of getting on my workout gear and dreading stepping foot outside into the cold winter when it occurred to me that there is an endless amount of workout plans and videos on the internet. I powered up my laptop and got to work. There are videos done by strong, muscular ,semi-scary men and women that are promoting weight loss and muscle gain that have way too many complicated moves. Or videos done by stick figure models that wouldn’t even make my grandmother break a sweat!  After searching through countless videos and websites, I was about to give up. That’s when I came across a video with two beach babes standing with hand weights standing next to the ocean. Maybe it’s because I was missing my usual Christmas vacations to somewhere hot, or because the snow was coming down hard outside, but for whatever reason, I loaded the video onto my T.V and got to work.

Day 1:

The first video I loaded was part of their Bikini Series and it was only 19 minutes long! Opening up the video I had the mind-set that this was going to be an easy workout but that I would burn a few calories and that’s all that matters right? I was quickly proven wrong! Do not be fooled by how easy Katrina and Karena preform these moves! Less than 5 minutes in I was huffing and puffing like I do while running! None the less this workout was amazing! The way both Karena and Katrina motivate their viewers made me feel as if they were there in my basement working out with me! Karena and Katrina made HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) my new go to workout because of how awesome I feel after. The fastest way to burn calories and fat is to alternate between cardio and strength moves (which K&K call Toning moves) AND work more than one muscle at a time when toning. All that together makes for one sweaty, metabolism boosting workout!

This video is called BEST HIIT WORKOUT! HIITy Bitty Bikini and can be found on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-59BJffDNc&t=302s

Day 2:

The after effects of yesterday’s video made me realize what a difference HIIT can really make. My legs ached, my arms were sore and my toush hurt every time I sat down. But for no other realize than how motivated I was by K&K yesterday, I loaded up another video.

Today’s video was another Beach Bod video and once again the girls were working out on the beach! I could not be more jealous! This workout was just as intense as yesterday’s but somehow felt easier. The more I worked out with K&K the more I felt like they were there with me and only me. After doing the first video in 10 minutes!!! I decided to do another one. I guess my Youtube was on auto-play because automatically a new video loaded after the first one. This second one was another HIIT and was again less than 20 minutes. I thought what’s the harm? This video was a Hump Day HIIT and instead of working out on the beach like they normally do K&K were in the living room showing us how to incorporate everyday furniture into a high intensity workout! Once again I came out of the video sweating but feeling amazing!

Here are the two videos I did today:

Beach Bod Workout is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75-v389Lgf0&t=5s

Hump Day HIIT is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fyk8CQLcsUI

After working out those two days with K&K it became part of my daily routine for the two weeks of Christmas. It felt amazing to wake up every morning and start my morning with something good for my body.

I was doing some research on more K&K videos when I came across their website. Turns out the Tone It Up community is way bigger than I ever imagined. There are millions of women all over the world who do not only see K&K as trianers but as their friends. They wait for their annual fitness challenges to come around and follow their nutrition plan religiously. I have to give all these women credit. Look at photos on the website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, women all over the world are sharing their fitness success stories and crediting all of it to K&K.

While I may not do a workout every single day, and I most defiantly will not be waking up at 5 am to do a workout in the morning before my day starts, I am excited and honoured to be part of the #tiuteam. K&K have shown me that getting fit and staying healthy isn’t easy but the results will be worth it. With the help of K&K I hope to make 2017 my fittest year yet!

So hopefully you’ll go check out their website and/or videos and will love these sweet girls as much as I do.

oxox Cassie

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